Abapa Mall

Abapa Mall is a modern e-commerce platform for the sales of a wide range of products including; Household items, Fashion, Electronics, Home & Decor, and so much more.

Customers are given the opportunity to buy and make payments in installments over a period of time.

It is designed with the user in mind. It is highly responsive and user-friendly with a smart response system.

Builders Mall Africa

Builders Mall Africa is a one-stop online shop for all building materials, needed for building and furnishing any building project, from personal buildings to corporate and government structures.

BMA enables customers to purchase retail and wholesale items, as well as purchase items in Ghana and others shipped from other Global Sources.
The Logistics section allows customers to order for trucks to deliver their various products from one location to the other.

BMA is seamlessly integrated with MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Tigo Money, Visa and Mastercard payment systems.

Global Development Solutions

Global Development Solutions Limited is an international multidisciplinary development consultancy, project management, and services firm based in UK.

The highly skilled staff and our huge network of experts (associates) across the world help to deliver customised innovative solutions to businesses, institutions and governments in any of these broad areas; Sustainable Housing, Consultancy, Global Partnerships, Business Development and Services.

Our team has excellent understanding of local systems, traditions and business practices. We are therefore well placed in the sub-region and are able to achieved results through our local presence, thus enabling us to respond rapidly to support needs and enquiries of our clients.

Between the permanent staff and our international network of experts, the GDS Solutions always provide highly skilled team ready to carry out any project. We also endeavour to maintain cordial relations with our clients and the local Community. 

Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Limited

Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Ltd is Africa’s leading name in herbal drug manufacturing and herbal healthcare delivery.

For over 30 years of being in the herbal drug manufacturing industry, Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Ltd has committed to providing humanity with innovative, high quality herbal drugs to meet the demand of its ever growing consumership, across Africa and globally.