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JimahTech is a mobile technology company that develops innovative mobile- based applications that enable our clients to meet desired goals and maximize their revenue generation.


At JimahTech, we believe that mobile technology - such as mobile apps, USSD applications, mobile-based payment systems and social media - play a major role in the current technology revolution, with customers and general public spending more time with their mobile phones. Mobile-based technology applications therefore serve as more reliable means of reaching out to a target market.


JimahTech develops user-centric cutting edge mobile technology applications and enterprise software that meet the present and future needs of our clients.

To be Africa’s leading mobile technology and software company, making technology affordable and accessible on-the-go.

To passionately develop innovative technologies that empower people and organizations to meet their present and future needs, and helping our clients to maximize revenue generation and collection.

1. Ensuring highest standards of our technology solution.

2. Make technology accessible to everyone.

3. Provide high standard solutions at the most affordable cost.

4. Pursue transformational change in technology advancement .

4. Guard our reputation through accountability, trust and corporate social responsibility.

5. To Learn. Educate. Innovate.

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